super-concentrated high-performance cleaning detergents

The innovative detergent system that allows complete treatment of all washable surfaces of hotels, hospitals, schools, offices and communities in general. The system consists of three superconcentrated detergents with sanitizing action that allow to fully satisfy all the needs of the business operators in daily cleaning.

The C-System CAM Line system is characterized by the use of special dosing caps that always deliver the same amount of superconcentrated product. A 900 ml bottle allows you to prepare up to 45 bottles of 1 liter of detergent, or 45 grams of concentrate that will be diluted to prepare ready-to-use detergent. This will optimize inventory stocks and favor the reuse of bottles with respect to the environment.

1 C-System CAM Line da 900 ml di superconcentrato

45 bottles da 1 lt ready to use

2.250 mq washable surfaces

1 Bag in Box formato 5 lt

250 flaconi da 1 lt ready to use

12.500 mq washable surfaces

Risorsa 8@0.5x

Spraying: diluire 1 dose da 20 ml in 1 lt di acqua.

Risorsa 7@3x

I use a bucket: diluire 1 dose da 20 ml in 10 lt di acqua.


Brilliant liquid for dishwashing machines Medium water.

It gives a crockery and glasses an exceptional brilliance. Facilitates the drying of limescale stains, avoiding the formation of halos and white veils on the glasses.

C4 CAM Line

Brilliant liquid for dishwashers Medium water.

Gives exceptional brilliance to crockery and glasses. Facilitates the drying and avoids the formation of limestone stains, avoiding the formation of halos and white veils on the glasses.